Life Services

 The Life Services pillar within the ASDC - Calgary Region is designed to support all community level athletes and coaches by offering Winning Edge Seminars and Performance Enhancement Seminars.  Topics could include: Long Term Athlete Development framework, basic sport nutrition, basic sport psychology, banned substances etc.

Winning Edge Seminars

Winning Edge seminars are for all provincial level athletes residing and training within Calgary & region.  The seminars focus on the areas of sports nutrition, sport psychology, exercise physiology and the prevention & rehabilitation of sport injuries. These four areas are major components for any athlete to achieve their optimal performance. These areas are also important for coaches and parents as they serve as additional resources for improving the sport experience for emerging athletes.

Winning Edge seminars are held throughout the year.  Seminars will be targeted towards provincial level athletes however coaches, parents and general public are welcome to attend. 

Performance Enhancement Seminar Series

The ASDC - Calgary Region is looking to partner with community sport organizations or groups to offer educational seminars on the Long Term Athlete Development framework.  These sessions are not sport specific and are intended for a large demographic including athletes (age 12-18), coaches, parents and sport administrators.  This program is also intended for secondary school teachers who develop and deliver sport programs within the Alberta school system. 

Rural communities have an established network of sport organizations, school programs, community teams and opportunities for athletes to participate in grass roots sports.  The ASDC – Calgary Region is looking to partner with established groups (ie. schools, school divisions, municipalities or individual sport organizations) to utilize this network of sport participants.  The first Performance Enhancement Seminar will be on the Long Term Athlete Development Model but other topics on basic sport science / sport medicine education sessions will be available in the future for Alberta’s next top athletes.  


Program Goals

  1. Educate athletes, coaches, parents and administrators about the Long Term Athlete Development model developed by Sport Canada
  2. Engage and support rural sport organizations and their emerging athletes and coaches 
  3. Provide access to basic sport performance education to a greater number of emerging athletes
  4. Promote physical literacy and adolescent development through sport  

 Program Details

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) or Canadian Sport for Life and No Accidental Champions, are initiatives of Sport Canada that focus on the general framework of athlete development with special reference to growth, maturation and development. They set out a progressive pathway that recognizes the distinct phases of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development based on the maturation or development of an individual rather than chronological age. LTAD addresses the needs of those who are able-bodied and those who have a disability.

The Canadian Sport for Life model identifies the needs of athletes at various stages of their development, including coaching, training, equipment, and competition needs. It addresses the appropriate stages for the introduction and refinement of technical, physical, mental and tactical skills. Federal, provincial, and territorial Ministers of Sport endorsed the Canadian Sport for Life concept in 2004 and are working towards implementing the principles of LTAD within their jurisdiction.

 There is a standard LTAD framework that forms the basis for sport-specific models developed by National Sport Organizations. This has been supplemented with additional information for athletes with a disability.

For more information on sport-specific models for both able-bodied athletes and athletes with a disability, contact the appropriate National Sport Organization.  For more details about the Long Term Athlete Development model and Canadian Sport 4 Life please visit:


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