Welcome to ASDC Calgary!

Our Vision

To enhance sport in Alberta. We will achieve this vision by:

  • Creating strategic partnerships with certified, trained professionals in sport performance services
  • Ensuring value to provincial sport organizations by providing sport science / sport performance / sport medicine services to their membership

Our Mission

To support provincial level athletes and coaches to achieve podium performances at National competitions through the education and delivery of sport science services. We will achieve this mission by:

  • Being fully integrated into the National, Provincial and Regional sport performance network
  • Creating mutually beneficial strategic alliances with the Alberta Sport Development Centre network stakeholders and all other government, private and community stakeholders
  • Creating realistic, measurable and attainable goals to help improve sport performances for Alberta athletes competing at Provincial and/or National competitions


To acheive our vision and mission, we aim to create:

  • Strategic partnerships with provincial sport organizations and our colleagues within the Alberta Sport Development Centre Network
  • Collaborate our resources to cost share the financial burden of a sport science / sport medicine program that compliments the athletes technical training


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Calgary's event is scheduled for Sunday, May 12th at the University of Calgary.

Register at www.rbctrainingground.ca

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